[Hobby] Basilean Men at Arms, assembling guide

Hello, Vanguard´s pathfinders. This is an assembly guide to build your basilean men at arms. This is the whole sprue, taken from this blog: http://boisterous-exuberance.blogspot.com/2018/12/kings-of-war-vanguard-unboxing-from.html

Just follow the numbered boxes carefully, and do not mix pieces (specially right elbows 1 and 4).

  • 1) right spear´s arm + right spear´s elbow (be careful, do not mix number 1 elbow and number 3 elbow, which is used with a crossbow).
  • 2) right arm for a 2-parts crossbow + the other half of the crossbow + left arm for a holding the crossbow. Do not mix with the other arms holding crossbows, numbered with 4.
  • 3) left arm for crossbow + crossbow with a hand integrated + right elbow for a crosbbow. Be careful, do not mix number 3 elbow with nomber 1 elbow, which is used with spear.
  • 4) left arm for a crossbow without a hand attached + crossbow without bolt + right arm with bolt, reloading.
  • 5) left arm, to use with shields.

The other pieces on the sprue (spears, swords, heads, quivers) are interchangeable. But be careful with elbows and arms to use with crossbows, if you mix that pieces they will not fit properly.

Cheers from the Ardovikian´s plains. (If you find grammar mistakes or typos, please let me know in comments).